92 minutes | Jun 9, 2021

How to End Knee Pain, Increase Your Vertical, and Develop Athleticism w/ Knees Over Toes Guy, Ben Patrick, Anders Varner, Doug Larson, and Coach Travis Mash Barbell Shrugged #584

Today’s episode features Ben Patrick (“Knees Over Toes Guy”), coach and founder of the “Athletic Truth Group.”


Ben overcame debilitating knee and shin pain, as well as subsequent surgeries through a personal journey taking knee and foot strength training means to their fullest potential.  Ben transformed his basketball career, going from being continually injured and under-achieving to having a successful junior college stint through improving his own knee health and performance. This culminated for Ben with a scholarship offer to Boston University for basketball, but due to NCAA eligibility rules, Ben turned it down and began training athletes.


In this Episode of Barbell Shrugged:


  1. Common misconceptions about knee pain
  2. Why knees over toes is the answer to ending knee pain.
  3. Baseline exercises for rebuilding the knee from pain to performance
  4. Why walking backwards is often missed for ending knee pain
  5. The importance of sprinting for increasing performance


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