122 minutes | May 31, 2021

67 - The Altcoin Slayer | Eric Wall

Eric Wall is a prominent thinker and contrarian in the crypto space. He has an independent mind and is unafraid to bust through groupthink and act as an ideological razor for the crypto community.

In this episode, Eric dives deeply into a variety of profound takes on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and his approach to the community.

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------ Bankless Podcast #66: The Altcoin Slayer Guest: Eric Wall

Eric Wall is CIO of Arcane Assets, and a well-known (and often infamous) writer and thinker in the crypto space. He has engaged in arguments with camps and tribes throughout the space, remaining unapologetically independent and committed to his values. Though a Bitcoiner at heart, Eric has come around on Ethereum as the ecosystem has matured.

In this episode, we dive into values and the ethos of crypto that Eric fights for. As a principled believer in trustless systems and decentralization, Eric walks through many of the big-picture obstacles and accomplishments of the crypto space. Viewing this landscape with a digital biologist's lens, we address these projects as digital organisms, following many of the same laws we see in nature. Wherever organisms exist, Darwin is nearby.

Eric brings a refreshing and unfiltered set of takes to the Bankless Podcast, reminiscent of other independent thinkers we've had on like Hasu. Regardless of your opinions on Eric, he represents an important part of the blockchain conversation. He serves as an ideological razor, giving no one the benefit of the doubt and prioritizing accountability and earned legitimacy.


Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro 4:45 Eric Wall, the Altcoin Slayer 7:45 The Term “Trustless” 16:58 Eric’s Approach to Crypto 22:50 Networks are Organisms 31:50 Survival of the Fittest 41:50 Bitcoin vs Layer 2 59:15 Tribes vs Facts 1:06:30 Eric’s ETH Journey 1:21:43 Thoughts on Proof of Stake 1:31:14 Is ETH Money? 1:40:58 What ETH Gets Wrong 1:53:55 Navigating the Frontier 2:01:00 Closing & Disclaimers

------ Resources:

Eric on Twitter https://twitter.com/ercwl?s=20  Proof of Stake is Less Wasteful https://ercwl.medium.com/proof-of-stake-is-less-wasteful-b2854a191766#:~:text=Image%20of%20a%20diesel%20generator,ever%20had%20on%20the%20platform.  ETH is Irreplaceable https://newsletter.banklesshq.com/p/eth-is-irreplaceable 

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