34 minutes | May 18, 2016

Should You Really Leave Your Cushy J-O-B? - CLS036

Are you a corporate or big-company employee thinking of going out on your own? Taking charge of your career and starting your own consulting or coaching business? Think the whole thing sounds a bit scary and uncertain? A listener pointed out to me that I’ve talked a lot about the details of starting and running a business, but not so much about what it’s like to do it. What’s a day in the life? What are some of the biggest challenges in making the shift from the hourly or salary model, to the independent business model? Important things to think about, and honestly, I didn’t give enough consideration when I got started either. So in today’s episode, you’ll learn: 5 of the biggest challenges you’ll face when leaving steady j-o-b, or the corporate world 6 questions to answer for yourself BEFORE you consider starting your own business A day in the life: what’s it really like being a coach? My goal is that after today’s episode, you’ll be crystal clear on your next step—whether staying where you are for now, or building your own business plan. Ready? Let’s do this! https://corbinlinks.com/cls036
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