29 minutes | Sep 28, 2016

Knowing Where You Are + Doing What Works + BIG Announcement - CLS055

Something completely different today... I'm going to talk a bit personal, a bit business, and share a big announcement later in the show---so stay tuned for it. Recently, I've been doing a LOT of personal-dev training and development. (Way more than usual, in fact.) And as part of that effort, it hit me that one of the things I preach---*know where you are at any given time* wasn't being followed. Things had been so frantic with client business growth, that other areas of the business weren't getting the right levels of attention. And I was completely out of step with 'knowing where I was'. (Not a good place to be in life or business.) I'll share a bit of that discovery today's episode and along with it, and a very practicable 5-Point Framework To Always Know WHERE You Are---And What To Do About It Show notes and resources for this episode available at https://corbinlinks.com/cls055 Let's hit it!
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