26 minutes | Sep 7, 2016

Is it a Pleasure Doing Business With You? - CLS052

Are you a pleasure to do business with? I’ll admit to a few times in my past that the “pleasure to do business with” statement didn’t maybe...completely apply to me. In fact, it took a few lost sales and failed client renewals to pull it all together. Fast forward to today—there are precious few companies, or consultants, who bother to ask themselves this question. Let's face it: Many companies and consultants—especially in the corporate and government space—are a drag. Endless procedures, huge documents, endless calls, dour people, ridiculous numbers of sales reps showing up from the same company, endless email threads, crazy #'s of meetings, and the list goes on. Not fun. And ask yourself: when is the last time you or your firm heard the phrase “it’s / it was a pleasure doing business with you!” If you DO hear it constantly, then congrats! This mail may be just a refresher, and add a few new tools to your arsenal. But if not… My premise is business shouldn’t be dry. Boring. Exhaustively corporate. Unpleasant on a person-to-person level. And one way you (and all of us, me included) can combat this is by being a true ”pleasure to do business with." How? Let’s start with a list of: 5 No-Hassle Ways to Become a “Pleasure to Do Business With”— right here and now (guaranteed!)  Hang on to your ear buds, this could get bumpy... Complete show notes and resources available at: https://corbinlinks.com/cls052
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