22 minutes | Jun 8, 2016

How to Deal with Brain Pickers - CLS039

I’ve recently had a few ‘pick-my-brain’ type of requests, plus consultants asking me how they should handle it. If you’re a coach, consultant, or any acknowledged expert—even if you’re not paid as an expert in that area—you WILL get approached by brain pickers, maybe a LOT of the time. A brain picking request may take the form of something like: “Hey, I’d love to get on a Skype / chat with you for a few minutes and pick your brain about XYZ. Or, say “let’s grab coffee”, or “lunch”, or… Some people at least are blatant about it, while others may bypass pleasantries altogether and hit you with questions. Either way, it all amounts to the same thing: *free consulting* or coaching. But free devalues your time and resources, is disrespectful to you, and even more importantly — is not held in the same value / esteem by the person receiving it. Right? Sure, we’ve all heard the idea that people gain more value when there is skin in the game, be it their time, money, or both. And the same for us. In today’s episode, we’ll tackle brain pickers head on, and share 6 common brain picker profiles, and 5 brain-picking responses you can use—right now, TODAY—to convert brain pickers to clients, or if not, save your valuable time for paying clients. Lots to cover, so let’s roll!!! Show notes: https://corbinlinks.com/cls039
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