18 minutes | Sep 21, 2016

Do You Make This Time and Income Sucking Mistake in Your Business? - CLS054

Short but intense episode today. I'll be talking about a topic I see come up way WAY too much with first-time business builders: That's the subject of "tools". Software. Toys. "Infrastructure" AKA -- *Distractions* Software, apps, productivity tools, web services and all manner stuff is great. There's a time and place. But when you're getting started and building the first legs of business? This stuff can KILL your time and income. So I'll share a little story from this weekend, along with *specific* suggestions to reduce your 'research' time, tool cost, and just build build build! P.S. If you're already a VIP member, you saw part of this covered in your copy of the "Mondays Rock Letter". This is the bonus audio for that. Show notes and resources for this episode available at https://corbinlinks.com/cls054
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