14 minutes | Jul 27, 2016

Do You Make These Productivity-Busting Mistakes? - CLS046

Productivity-boosting strategies from a recent VIP Mondays Rock Letter. Full show notes and resources: https://corbinlinks.com/cls046 Got something totally different today! In this special “Mondays Rock” edition of The Corbin Links Show, I’m reading a full copy of a recent VIP-only "Mondays Rock Letter". But Corbin, what the hell is a “Mondays Rock” letter anyway? Stay tuned, and I’ll share how to get yours for free, week after week. Here’s the intro from the letter... ...(Note to self: No one liked the "Speed Kills" headline from last week. Maybe a bit too negative.... This is a slightly updated version of last Mondays Rock letter.) Last weekend, I was reminded of a powerful object lesson in speed, productivity, and results… … Tune in for the rest of the story! Show notes and resources: https://corbinlinks.com/cls046
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