28 minutes | Aug 24, 2016

5 Client Screening Filters to Help You Find a Perfect Match - CLS050

It's Milestone Time! The Corbin Links Show has just hit its 50th episode for this season. Season 1 ran 39 episodes, for a whopping 89 so far! I'm barreling toward a full 100 episodes! And to celebrate the 50th episode of this season, I'm going to do something a bit special, which I'll share in just a few minutes. But for now, the topic at hand is how to filter and prescreen your clients. So often, we worry about whether or not a client will choose us. And just as often, we think these decisions are related to price, economics, politics, the weather---whatever is handy. I want to flip your thinking. Instead, I want you to be thinking about qualifying those select people who CAN and SHOULD work with you. (Hint: the answer isn't "everyone". But the RIGHT ones.) Today is another 5-point framework for filtering and screening clients to preserve your time, and boost your income. Sound like a plan? Full show notes and resources available at https://corbinlinks.com/cls050
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