40 minutes | Jul 13, 2021

087 Building Women Up with Molly Galbraith

As a young woman, Molly struggled with insecurities.  Ridiculed and bullied for various circumstances beyond her control, Molly believed early on that her acceptance was based on her image.  Her time was spent chasing a number on the scale or the barbell.  After 20+ years of wishing her body looked differently, she finally discovered how to stop comparing herself to and competing with other women. Since then, supporting women and being supported by them has changed every aspect of her life. Molly  is the author of Strong Women Lift Each Other Up, and Co-founder of Girls Gone Strong (GGS), a worldwide health and fitness movement dedicated to helping women feel strong, confident, and empowered in their lives and their bodies. Today, the Strong Women Lift Each Other Up philosophy is woven through the fabric of the Girls Gone Strong movement. From employing and educating to featuring, collaborating with, and investing in women, GGS is dedicated to lifting up women all over the world. GGS has consulted, collaborated with, and been featured by Yale, the Olympics, Johns Hopkins, Time, People, Today, ABC, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and more. What You Will Hear in This Episode:  Molly’s youth surrounded by insecurity, self doubt and bullying Learning the valuable and damaging lesson of superficial acceptance Falling in love with health and fitness Physical and emotional stress and the self esteem roller coaster Healing journey, improving self esteem and self worth Steps to build resilience as well as battling society’s standards and expectations for women Identifying our true feelings and emotions about ourselves Learning self trust, scarcity mindset and the comparison trap Compounding deficit and negative self esteem issues in young girls Effects of the pandemic on girls and women Activism and change.  Intention, setting boundaries and building awareness Quotes:  “I want to like me for me regardless of what my body looks like or what it can do.” “You are worthy of your own care outside of your relationship to anyone else and outside of what it allows you to do for other people.” “Women and girls are not participating in their own lives because they don’t feel they look good enough to.” Mentioned:   MollyGalbraith.com Strong Women Lift Each Other Up IG @Themollygalbraith Fb @MollyGalbraith GirlsGoneStrong.com Not Done Yet! Not Done Yet! Amazon Bonniemarcusleadership.com Iammusicgroup.com The Politics of Promotion Fb @Bonnie.Marcus LinkedIn: @Bonniemarcus Twitter: @selfpromote IG: @self_promote_ Bonniemarcusleadership.com https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/genderedageismatwork  
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