49 minutes | Feb 23rd 2021

EP209 What's REALLY going on in my business right now!

In this episode, I talk about what I have been navigating through in my healing journey and how that has influenced my business. For so long, I pushed aside these major traumas that happened in my life in an attempt to be this perfect person or follow this typical “western” vision of living. I achieved this and realized I was so unhappy and that something was missing. I had this overwhelming drive to be myself instead of an overwhelming fear of not being enough. This feeling led me to where I am now, which I talk about more in the previous podcast episode.  I also talk about: Meeting my husband My alcohol addiction My spiritual awakening on my first trip to Sedona with my husband Starting my first business “What is Perfection” and deciding what my purpose was Plant medicines and experiences My calling to Sedona for my 7 month healing journey The switch from Business Babe to Lauren of Love- finding my purpose again after losing the vision for my business Previous podcast episode: https://anchor.fm/badass-business-podcast/episodes/Real-Raw-Talks-Episode-1-eqpcmf Another episode you may like: https://anchor.fm/badass-business-podcast/episodes/EP-205-Back-from-the-Void-en84bq or https://anchor.fm/badass-business-podcast/episodes/EP184-My-Becoming-a-Coach-Story-ehahdp Check out my website for more: https://www.laurenoflove.com Check out the sales page for HEAL and get on the waitlist HERE Follow me on Instagram! @laurenoflove
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