17 minutes | Oct 14, 2019

ep. 19 - Meditation For People Who Can't Sit Still

As someone who has suffered from extreme stress & anxiety for much of her life, I was always told that I should meditate to help me, but found that I couldn't sit still long enough for it to work for me.  I kept starting and stopping a meditation practice, because it just never seemed to work - as my mind was always racing, and I was constantly fidgiting.  Over the past 8 months or so, I've discovered a new way to meditate that has had a tremendously positive effect on my well-being. I'm able to get immense value from my meditations, without the need to sit still and "think of nothing" for what feels like ages.  In this episode of the Badass Boss Podcast, I'm sharing with you, my process for meditation with benefits you will love. 
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