35 minutes | Nov 23rd 2020

Unemployment Examined

It seems as if everything has calmed down over the last couple weeks. We’re hearing more and more about the rising Covid numbers and less about the election. We’re also hearing more from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell on the status of the economy and how he believes a recovery is going to take a long time. This is what I also believe. The stock market is in its own world and does not accurately reflect what is being experienced on Main Street. People are still struggling to make ends meet and are awaiting another round of stimulus checks, with many worried when the CDC eviction moratorium ends in January. Many are also facing astronomical medical bills due to their Covid diagnosis. But the one indicator that seems to be not telling the whole story is unemployment. We’ve seen a gradual decline over the last few months, but over 10 million are still unemployed. With the rapid technological changes occurring, many will be forced to learn new skills and will have to remain out of the workforce until they are able to acquire those skills. On top of this, those skills are not cheap to acquire, meaning more people will go into debt. This is the unfortunate truth that we need to realize and start figuring out how to deal with it.As always we’ll start with a quick economic update. We then have the opportunity to talk with Dr. Florina Salaghe, a professor at Benedictine University, about unemployment and what’s really happening within the numbers we are given. We will not have a European View segment this time around but we will next time. Support the show (https://pod.fan/bad-bad-news)
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