49 minutes | Oct 26th 2020

The Job Market: Lessons from the Great Recession

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread, the uncertainty of an economy recovery continues to increase. When will the economy jump back? Will a stimulus package ever get passed? Will a Trump presidency bring an economic recovery? Will a Biden presidency? My honest opinion is that it won’t matter who wins when it comes down to the economy. Though, I still believe that everyone should vote. But that is beside the point. Everyone keeps pointing out the different tax plans and although there is merit to that argument, the fact of the matter is that until we can stabilize the employment level and have the pending eviction and poverty crisis under control, taxes won’t be something we can have a meaningful conversation about. Let’s focus on stopping the bleeding first. We’ll first look at explaining the impending housing crisis, assess corporate health, and take a look at unemployment. Then we have the pleasure of talking with Ms. Kylie Rowe about the job market during the Great Recession and lessons everyone can apply to the job market today. Finally, we end with the European View, where we’ll be assessing the labor market in Europe and comparing it to what we are witnessing in the US currently. If you enjoy listening to our podcast, please consider donating to our efforts at our Buzzsprout page. Thank you!Support the show (https://pod.fan/bad-bad-news)
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