27 minutes | Feb 22nd 2021

Texas Energy Crisis and a RE Update

Crisis after crisis after crisis. That’s the best way to put what’s been going on over the past several weeks in the US. We are experiencing a vaccine shortage in the midst of a pandemic with different variants now surfacing. Questions like will Covid be something that will never going away? It’s too early to tell is what many epidemiologists have stated. All that aside, it’s been interesting for me to see two different worlds, one in where investors believe wholeheartedly that this market high will continue, and another world where everyday working Americans are tired and losing hope. The war on Wall Street that we talked about last time, is something we need to draw our attentions to more. Compared to other countries, Americans are ranked among the most overworked compared to other developed nations. At some point this does take a toll on our society. So now, put this together will an energy crisis that is affecting the Southern United States. Many states experiencing rolling blackouts because of a disastrous winter storm. Parts of Texas reaching temperatures colder than Alaska. This is an issue that we need to examine, because it has lasting economic effects. But before we dive into that, let’s look at a commercial real estate update. Later, we’ll take a look at what’s going on in Europe. Support the show (https://pod.fan/bad-bad-news)
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