85 minutes | Apr 9th 2020

Frank "The Legend" Shamrock: Facing Death, Danger and Reinventing Yourself

Frank "The Legend"  Shamrock is a retired 5x American professional mixed martial arts champion. Shamrock was the 1st to hold the UFC Middleweight Championship and retired a four-time defending undefeated champion. Shamrock was the No. 1 ranked pound for pound UFC fighter in the world during his reign as the UFC Middleweight Champion.

He is a successful entrepreneur, film producer, executive coach and philanthropist supporting numerous charities and causes ranging from child protection to medical cannabis and mental health awareness.

Frank has been a friend, client and partner of mine for the past couple years now since we met around the pool at Jesse Itzler's house and it's been a fun relationship ever since.

What you might not know about Frank is that he's

- Spent time "locked up" in prison

- Upon release he faced a choice to go back to his old ways or develop himself as one of the world's best fighters and channel his situation into becoming a champion.

- He dealt with the possibility of death every day for over a decade training with stone-cold killers

- And he's found peace and reinvented himself as a successful entrepreneur, producer, philanthropist and advocate for the benefits of cannabis and ending the stigma of mental health.

Other topics we covered

  • how to deal with being forcibly locked up in prison and the necessary mindset to survive
  • the career crossroads Frank's father gave him when he exited prison
  • how Frank became the first super student in mixed martial arts and used that to beat everyone who came his way
  • how frank reinvented himself after his MMA career
  • the secret to Frank's Plus Equals Minus system to learn anything faster and better.
  • and more

You can learn more at FrankShamrock.com