30 minutes | Nov 11th 2020

NFL Week 10 Best Bets & the Road to 256 Bets Continues

On the NFL Week 10 episode of the Bacon Bets Podcast, Iain starts off the show by reviewing the Road to 256 Bets as well as his Week 9 picks. He then dives into the Week 10 games starting with the Thursday Night Football game between the Titans and Colts (7:23). He then moves on to talk about each game on Sunday; Browns/Texans (10:17), Jaguars/Packers (11:42), Eagles/Giants (13:00), Bucs/Panthers (14:30), Bills/Cardinals (16:20), Broncos/Raiders (17:35), Chargers/Dolphins (18:25), Saints/49ers (20:27), Seahawks/Rams (21:40), Ravens/Patriots (23:48), and Vikings Bears (25:36). He finishes off the show by pointing out his 5 best bets. (27:47).

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