30 minutes | Apr 21, 2021

BONUS EPISODE: SoDak Love with Jordan Merrigan

Welcome to the very first bonus episode! This one will be available for free to everyone as a thank you for checking out the podcast, and as a preview of what's to come. In this bonus episode, Jordan and I talk about growing up together in South Dakota, musical influences, and people who have made us smile during lockdown. If you would like access to bonus content that will be released with every episode, please check out these pages where you can become a patron! (And be sure to check out the full-length interview with Jordan for the very first episode of Backstage Triage!) PATREON PODBEAN PATRONS Backstage Triage Pod Page Some more links for you! Beats by Billy Ghost Billy's Instagram Jordan's Music Jordan's Instagram Jade is an RN on a mission to bridge the gap between healthcare and the arts in a post-pandemic world. She attempts to redefine the concept of the "essential worker" via candid interviews with creatives about navigating medical and mental healthcare in their respective industries. And, as with everything else, she's doing it all with a healthy dose of humor.
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