42 minutes | Oct 23, 2018

jeffstaple of Business of HYPE and HYPEBEAST Radio

jeffstaple is a New York City-based street wear legend. From his early days of running t-shirts in his free time to building his own iconic agency and globally renowned brand, few have helped drive the culture of street wear to the heights that jeff has over the years. Now, he's also producing and hosting his own podcast, the Business of HYPE on HYPEBEAST Radio. In this conversation, jeff discusses how his pitch of Business of HYPE to HYPEBEAST's founder Kevin Ma — and his subsequent, relentless execution of the idea — quickly evolved into a much bigger project and a platform for artists, creators, designers and innovators to share the stories behind their dreams. jeff also reveals how he produces a global show by recording interviews with his guests on the go, from places like Paris, Japan, Los Angeles, Dubai, and more. Plus, hear how jeff conducts his interviews by preparing for how he anticipates his audience will feel about the questions and answers he'll exchange with his guests. Make sure to subscribe to HYPEBEAST Radio: anchor.fm/hyperadio
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