24 minutes | Jun 1, 2014

#9: Effie & Victoria from Gold Star: Backer Radio

In this episode of the Backer Radio Podcast, Justin and Ryan interview Effie & Victoria from Gold Star. This project's goal is to help share a deeply personal story that is semi-autobraphical from the writer, Victoria Negri, very own relationship from her father. The Pitch   About Gold Star Gold Star is a narrative feature film by Victoria Negri inspired by her relationship with her late WWII veteran father. The film is about Vicki, who after dropping out of Juilliard, drifts aimlessly between her family’s house in Connecticut and an itinerant existence in New York. When her father suffers a debilitating stroke, she has to become his primary caretaker. Vicki resists connecting with him, and making peace with herself, but finds a way forward thanks to a new friend and a life-changing event. I graduated NYU a few years ago with a degree in Drama, and auditioned constantly, worked in award winning indie films both in front of and behind the camera, but I was always writing. When my father suffered a stroke and eventually passed away in 2012, experiencing somethin
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