26 minutes | Mar 5, 2014

#3: Frank Golbeck & Joe Colangelo from Golden Coast Mead: Backer Radio

In this episode of the Backer Radio Podcast, Justin and Ryan interview Frank Golbeck & Joe Colangelo creators of Golden Coast Mead. These guys are driven with great purpose and are creating a entire business around it. They've built a new and unique product that has roots deep in history. Listen in! About Golden Coast Mead "Since our college years back in 2004, we began brewing mead socially – at that time storing it in our apartment bathtub. Starting in 2010 we decided we wanted to share mead with more than just our friends and family and we began brewing on a micro/nano/pico commercial level. This last year we made 70 gallons every other month (or about 175 bottles a month) by leasing equipment and borrowing space. With your support, funds would go to building a meadery business brewing quality mead using only local ingredients at a larger scale." The Pitch What's Mead?
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