59 minutes | Jan 10, 2021

Episode #35 “It's Time For The Maine Event”

Welcome to a brand NEW episode of "Back Talk with Bauer” ! Episode #35“It's Time For The Maine Event”It is the season two premiere!! Happy to be back in the Creative Cave for a brand new season. This week is an interview episode of BTWB and I have Kevin and Mia the hosts of The Maine Event With Kevin and Mia on the show. They are bringing their show back to the HWWS Web TV Network this week and I thought it would be fun to have them on to reintroduce them. We will chat about what they have been up to, what they plan on doing with the show, and heaven only knows what else.Support Kevin and Mia by following them on social media!Kevin B EntertainmentGroup Page: Kevin B Entertainmentwww.instagram.com/kevinbentertainment/JBauerart.com is where you can find more about the podcast, the artwork, graphic design, and more.Like the art on the walls? Purchase it at JBauerartshop.com !Head to JBauerart.Threadless.com to purchase my designs on t-shirts and more.You can support the show by the Virtual Tip Jar!Paypal.me/JBauerartIt helps keep the lights on and the cameras rolling in the Creative Cave!Subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast apps including Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Amazon Music, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and more! Make sure to subscribe to the HWWS Web TV YouTube Channel to catch previous episodes of the show and to check out an entire network of amazing shows at Youtube.com/user/GarrettPomichterThank you to our amazing sponsor Kingdom of Comics in Melbourne, Florida. Check out the shop at Kingdom Of Comics and you can even put in an order through the FB page for those out of town fans. Make sure to let them know Back Talk With Bauer sent you.Support the show (http://paypal.me/JBDezigns)
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