70 minutes | Feb 19, 2021

John Bailey - The Lockdown Interviews

We’re joined by yet another character in the Cherries calvary by the way of combative midfielder John Bailey - a player that wore his heart on his sleeve, playing 137 games for Boscombe, spanning five season, scoring 13 goals (some of them in friendlies, admittedly), one of which was in the most famous football stadium in the world. He was tough, he got rough, but his tenacity encapsulated the never say die era that most Cherries fans went through at the time. Jeff Hayward and Neil Dawson speak to him about: ◽️ The slippery characters ◽️ A clique of players he simply couldn't stand ◽️ The rule he broke the night before Wembley. ◽️ How he'd have dealt with "The Weasel"

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