68 minutes | Mar 1, 2021

115 - Harried Hornets Lump on Lerma

Cherries were in free-fall, without a solid performance in a number of games, so a 1-0 win against high-flying Watford ensured that Boscombe fans actually have some hope for the remainder of the season. Whilst Danjuma provided the difference, big Jeff stole the show with a display of gamesmanship that represented that league we've just been relegated from. A solitary Arnaut goal was the difference at Dean Court, in a sun-drenched affair which saw temperatures rise on and off the pitch - with something akin to a Royal Rumble in the closing minutes, which included a couple of sendings off too. It's never dull is it... Today's show provided an extended dissection of yesterday's 1-0 victory against Watford with Mr Tigz, Jeff Hayward, Neil Dawson and Tom Jordan. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to all our platforms. If you’re enjoying this show, you can help support us by buying us a coffee at https://www.afcbpodcast.com/coffee – we really appreciate it!
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