58 minutes | Jan 31, 2021

111 - A Brutal Reality Check

Cherries are sitting sixth in the Championship, but after a series of horrendous performances, the brutal reality is that we are dropping like a stone - unless that is, the team starts to apply themselves. In this pod there is an extended chat about what is going on at AFC Bournemouth after that 3-1 loss to Reading on Friday night with Mr Tigz, Neil Dawson, Jeff Hayward and Tom Jordan. ◽️ What do you think is creating the lack of desire on the pitch? ◽️ Is the Jason Tindall capable of mentally raising these players? ◽️ If players are self-interested and playing for themselves, what do you do to change this? ◽️ Discussion on Dan Gosling's exit to Watford. ◽️ Ben Pearson. What do you know about him? ◽️ Jonathan Woodgate joins the coaching team, what will be bring to the table? ◽️ What will happen if we don’t get promoted this season? Thank you to everyone who has contributed to all our platforms. If you’re enjoying this show, you can help support us by buying us a coffee at https://www.afcbpodcast.com/coffee – we really appreciate it!

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