25 minutes | Mar 1, 2017

Stewards of Wildlife Rhinos Forever Program

Michelle is minus Jim on this one - she heads south to Texas Hill Country to speak with Cole Reid, Exec Director/Manager at Stewards of Wildlife, a nonprofit focused on re-establishing threatened and endangered species herds. Their latest project is called "Rhinos Forever" and its goal is to bring rhinos to Texas to protect them from poaching in Africa. The idea is to create a sustainable breeding herd here to eventually take back to Africa once the poaching 'issue' has been resolved.  Cole also discussed gnome work he's doing with the Smithsonian Institute with the Dama Gazelle, a critically endangered species. Thanks to Stewards and other ranches in Texas, there are roughly 2,000 Dama Gazelles running around in Texas.  If this podcast moves you, Cole and Michelle would greatly appreciate you giving to the Stewards of Wildlife at http://stewardsofwildlife.org/donate 
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