50 minutes | Dec 4, 2016

An "Adult-Onset Hunter" Speaks at MN Recruitment and Retention Conference

This past August, the Minnesota DNR held their "Minnesota Angler and Hunter Recruitment and Retention Conference" to share information on best practices to design and deliver recruitment and retention programs. This audio is a compilation of presentations from Mark Norquist of Modern Carnivore, Matt Dunfee who is the Programs Manager for Wildlife Management Institute and joining them is a new hunter, a gentleman who proclaims himself as an "adult-onset hunter" who takes the audience through his journey from learning in a classroom to finally being outside with his mentor, Mark. Quite the story. While this is just the audio, it is full of useful information - no matter if you want to implement something similar in your area, or wondering why some programs are not working at all. Learn more about Modern Carnivore at http://ModCarn.Com Thanks for listening & reviewing!!
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