19 minutes | Sep 3, 2020

Episode 31 | Samajhdar Chirya (The Wise Sparrow)

BKK #31: How does a sparrow know it was time to leave the wheat field. What does she hear that makes the wise sparrow so sure that the crop was going to be cut the next day and it was time to flee. What lesson does her kids learn from her?In this thought provoking story, kids learn that when one is determined to rely on self, one gets his work done and that human beings have the capability and the power to do things once they decide on it.Kids learn Urdu words for Farm, Wheat Field, Sparrow, Nest, Farmer, Crop, trust,  among other words.-Want to SUPPORT Bachpan Ki Kahaniyan? Contribute here: Patreon. Thank You!Join BKK Facebook Community: Bachpan Ki Kahaniyan More on Mahwash's work: website Instagram: @bachpan_ki_kahaniyan_bkk   -Welcome to the First-Ever Podcast on Urdu Stories for children! Urdu stories from our childhood, narrated by Mahwash. Living abroad Mahwash realized that in the fast paced life of a modern expat family, children lose touch with their Pakistani heritage, language and experiences. Through the retelling of these stories she brings to life our childhood experiences, building curiosity and imagination in our children, giving new life to the famous characters of yore. Mahwash aims to revive the art and medium of Urdu story narration and lessons learnt all the while preserving our language and culture.  It’s the kahanis of our nanis and dadi, retold for our children again!-Artwork by: Kanwal MushtaqSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/BachpanKiKahaniyan)
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