32 minutes | Aug 15th 2018

Bachelorette Weekend S:1 | United States of Baches E:3 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

Hosts Sarah Serio and Caroline Thayer talk United States of Britney, Bach Weekend style! From an unsuccessful IV treatment, Nicole’s blind date and a wild hockey game. This is definitely a weekend to remember and one to watch with us! If you're looking for the perfect companion to the dark drama that is The Sinner, look no more! THE SINNER AFTER SHOW is here to break down all the character dynamics, dark story points, and even create theories week to week based on the episodes. Every week tune in for a new review and discussion on The Sinner and everything that's revealed. Can we solve this puzzle? Maybe with the help of Special Guests! Make sure to subscribe and rate and comment with your own thoughts and who you would like to see on the show! ABOUT BACHELORETTE WEEKEND: Bachelorette Weekend provides a behind-the-scenes look at Bach Weekend, a Nashville-based company that creates once-in-a-lifetime bachelor and bachelorette experiences. The
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