35 minutes | Feb 3rd 2016

What happens when you do your own PR

Today I’ve invited three of our students to share some of the results they’ve had building exposure, credibility and growing their businesses using the media. Lauren Victoria from Hawaii launched Aloha Crate, a subscription box that sends Hawaii treats to people all over the world. We’ll talk about her experience launching her company using just social media and how she landed her first television interview. Julie Creffield from London U.K is a runner, fitness enthusiast, professional speaker and author at toofattorun.co.uk. Her award winning blog and exploits have been featured in press around the world including the U.K’s Daily Mail, The Today Show and the Huffington Post. Joanne Giacomini from Montreal is a writer and blogger at exceptionalmomchild.com. She is the mom of a son with autism and she writes and speaks on the wonders of parenting a special needs child as opposed to just the medical side of things. She joined the course in September 2015 and in a few weeks she landed regular blogging status with Huffington Post Parents, Wise Women Canada, Mommy’s List and more. She’s been featured on local breakfast television and radio shows. All this for someone who didn’t have a single media credit to her name three and a half months prior to this recording. All three of these women not only live in different corners of the world but also have very different types of businesses. Today we will get to meet these amazing women I have had the privilege of working with.

Lauren Victoria: When Lauren first launched Aloha Crate at the age of twenty-three she anticipated thousands of customers pouring in but only had three even after a big social media campaign and paying for Ad’s. She realized social media wasn’t cutting it. She reached out to a reporter that she had previously worked with and got into the newspaper. Then a week later a friend of hers told her there was a spot open on the morning news. They got on the morning news a week later and even before she left the station her phone was exploding with orders. It was nonstop the entire day. That was twelve months ago and she recently sold the company for a sizable sum.

Here's Lauren's blog.

Julie Creffield: Julie set up her blog in 2010 after coming in last in a race. She thought that was funny so she started blogging about it. It was never meant to be a business it was supposed to be a hobby while she was training for a marathon. The blog got a lot of interest from women who said they were fat and liked to run too. A lot of the things she was talking about they said happened to them. There was a lot of excitement before she even turned it into a business. She redesigned her website and it went viral but she didn’t have anything to sell. She had all that traffic but wasn’t making any money because she wasn’t selling anything. So she made t-shirts with her too fat to run slogan on them and things took off that way. Women started wearing her t-shirts and people would ask them about it and they would direct them to her blog.

Julie said one of the things that helped her was to think about her target audience. In her case it’s overweight and inactive women who have been burned before by diet companies. She knew she had to build up trust with these women. They weren’t going to go on her site and buy an expensive coaching program right off the bat. She had to provide smaller things and things they could download for free. They wanted to get to know her and understand that she’s going to help them before they will pay money.

(Check out her books here)

Joanne Giacomini: Joanne said her son is raising her. He teaches her how important it is to live in the moment and how our children teach us to be better human beings. She started her blog last fall. She had so many stories about her son and people were encouraging her to write about the other side of autism. Not about the medical side of it, not about the therapies, but about what it’s really like living and raising a son and the journey that she’s on. So she started her blog and people started responding to it. Friends told friends and it started to grow. Then she realized she had a business idea, she could be helping to empower mom’s to live life to the full with their children and give them the tools and tips and techniques they need to live a better life with their family. She emailed Barry Morgan at CJAD (radio station in Montreal) and she was amazed when he called and said he would love to have her on the show.

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