56 minutes | Mar 1st 2016

The other "F" word: Focus

My guest today is the guy who spent thirty years bringing life into focus as one of the U.S’s most sought after portrait photographers, and is now inspiring creative entrepreneurs to leverage their so called lack of focus. Jeffrey Shaw actually believes that it is a good idea to chase the metaphorical squirrels all over the place. He’s a business coach, speaker and host of the popular business podcast “Creative Warriors” (in fact we met when he had me as a guest on his podcast). Jeffrey is also a contributor to the Huffington Post, the creator of the online training program “The Creative Warrior” and has been sighted in various publications and trade journals. If you have trouble with “creative chaos brain” where you look at a blank wall and see three hundred different opportunities and you tend to run in seventeen different directions at any given time and are still trying to run a business and be successful and have relationships etc then this is the episode for you.

Creative’s in business: The root of the problem for creative’s in business is that the rules of business have been set forth, established and followed by a very traditional mindset. Those who go in business using their creativity, selling their talents and creative thoughts and transforming people’s lives follow a very untraditional way of being in business.

Hook: For a traditional business they put their effort into understanding their niche. A creative person who’s building their business on the inside out should put an equal if not far greater amount of effort into establishing what it is that they want to stand for. When we’re clear on our purpose we may wear many hats but they all hang on one hook. Figure out the hook. What is the one thing that all the hats are going to hang on? The hats are an expression of that.

Renaissance: This philosophy is grounded in the renaissance of the 1400’s. Jeffrey believes the movement he’s creating is the new renaissance movement established on the same principals of the original renaissance of the 1400’s. It was a compliment to be called a renaissance person. It was a compliment to be good at many things. This is not about doing many things half assed. This is about being very good at more than one thing.

Exercises Jeffrey puts his clients through:

  • Step one: Take the lid off. Usually where those ideas came from there’s a million more behind it.
  • Step two: Ask yourself the question “What is it that throughout my life people have complimented me on?” Our gifts are so natural to us that we don’t even see them. What’s of ease to you the world probably wants more of from you.
  • Step three: Ask yourself “What drives me crazy?” Most often what people are most driven to do.

Special offer on Jeffrey’s Seven Day Mini Course:

Jeffrey has a seven day online program called “Week of the Warrior” that you can find at weekofthewarrior.com. Once a day you’re asked a powerful question. When you reply with your answer you get a little piece of the puzzle. At the end of the week those seven pieces of the puzzle come together to create the path of the creative warrior, which is a non-linear path for a creative person in business. It is normally $37.00 but Geeta’s listeners can get it for free with the promo code: podcast.

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