38 minutes | Mar 2nd 2016

How to systematize your story

Jason Silverman is a Martial Arts Master Instructor, Information Marketer, Marketing Expert & Coach, Sought-After Speaker, CEO of Powerful Words Character Development and Co-Founder of Dance Sites Done Right/All Star Cheer Sites. We met when Jason interviewed me on his podcast which is called The Real Deal. We talked about specific strategies that dance, cheerleading and martial arts studios can use to get themselves media coverage. Jason has helped and continues to help more than 500 studios worldwide with a marketing system right out of the box that helps them bring in, retain and engage with their clients.

Licensing: Jason started by piloting seven people to make sure the system would work when someone else was running it. They did the pilot program for about a year then decided to take it farther. They got a website and merchant account and Jason called three people in the industry that he knew well and asked them to tell people. Overnight they had around 100 new clients.

Their System: It is a powerful words system they created of how to teach personal development in a facility. This is something a studio owner would teach their teachers to implement in class. In cases where the owners are also the instructor, they are teaching the lessons and using the material to better market their facility. For them it is a short cut.

Whiteboard: The steps to have a whiteboard video script are more intensive than writing your own script. So if you do that first you use that as cliff notes as you’re doing your own video. Jason called some of his clients and they agreed to answer questions about the business while Jason recorded the conversations. Each client came up with one thing he had never thought about. From those conversations you figure out what the most important parts are and break it down as if telling a story at a cocktail party.

Units: When you’re going to have conversations with people schedule a start time and end time. Use units of time of five minutes. How many units do you need? You shouldn’t need more than one or two units. There are a lot of units in one hour. This way you become a lot more accountable for your time.


     Tips for licensing:

  • There is a big difference between franchising and licensing. Make sure you aren’t operating an illegal franchise.
  • Check your local laws
  • Build your system; pilot it with 5-7 people you know across the country (the pilot people pay for it).
  • Keep a diary every day of not just what you’re doing but also what you’re hearing and what you wish they knew.
  • Make sure that you can get people to do what you need them to do.


  • For more information visit jasonmsilverman.com
  • AllStarCheerSites.com is Jason’s website with the marketing video Geeta likes.
  • If you’re curious about what it’s like to pivot a young business when the front man (or front woman) is pregnant and is changing the business model you can follow the babygotabump column I write for Entrepreneur.com. Just look for hashtag #babygotabump
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