31 minutes | Jan 29th 2016

How to stop procrastinating

Today we’re going to be doing something a little bit different. If you’ve been listening to the show for any amount of time you know we tend to have people who fall into one of three categories. We have media professionals who are producers, high ranked journalists or podcasters looking for experts just like you. We also have people using the media to catapult their business to the next level. The third type is somebody who’s out there living an amazing story, helping others do the same and is going to help you become a better story. I am a firm believer that everything is story. We are defined by the stories we tell ourselves, our reality is defined by the stories we see around us that we carry in the back of our minds whether we’re aware of them or not. That tends to either propel us forward or hold us back. Nobody knows that better then my guest today, Pascale Landriault. She is a certified HR profession and a postmaster in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). She is also a life and business coach and her specialty is helping folks design the career of their dreams.

NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming is a practical approach to help people achieve their goals or achieve any kind of transformation. NLP is a series of models based on people who have had success in certain areas. It will help people improve their behavior if their behavior is not helping them out. It can either help them expand their capabilities or even alter or improve internal states. It’s also very big in facilitating communication.

Perfectionism: Perfectionists live in the illusion that perfection can be reached, but it actually can’t be reached. They live in perpetual insatisfaction. They are rarely satisfied with their work or anyone else’s work. They are afraid of making mistakes, afraid of failure, have difficulty delegating and often say “I should have “or “I could have”.

How to know you’re a perfectionist: If any of the above applies to you. If you’re sensitive to criticism, have an all or nothing attitude, have difficulty accepting your limits, are afraid of asking or receiving help, feel like you always need to be in control and feel like if you quit being a perfectionist you will stop performing and become mediocre or lazy.

Tips for the perfectionist:

  • The first step is to become conscience of your tendency to be a perfectionist and really evaluate the impact of your behavior.
  • Make the decision to change.
  • Identify your beliefs around perfectionism and change them. For example one belief could be “I should not make mistakes”. Challenge it by asking yourself if that’s really true. What is the worst that could happen if this were true?
  • Identify your beliefs, question them and then find three examples in your life where the opposite is true and write them down.
  • There is a recommended book by Byron Katie titled Loving What Is. It is based on her technique called “the work” which is really working on thoughts and belief systems that aren’t necessarily useful to us.

Tips for the procrastinator:

  • Take your goal or plan and cut it up into smaller, manageable bites.
  • Take each activity and put it in order of priority
  • Give a time limit for each activity
  • To find out more about Pascale’s work and how she can help you overcome procrastination and perfectionism and step sideways into a career and life of your dreams visit Pascale Landriault's website here
  • The Big Leap, Conscious Loving Ever After, Lasting Love and Five Wishes are available in audio format on audible.com or you can find any one of Gay’s 30 books on Amazon or at your local bookstore.
  • If you would like to read my own review of The Big Leap you can find it on my blog at geetanadkarni.com. The post is titled The Best Book I Read in 2015 and Why You Should Read it Too.
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