26 minutes | Jul 19, 2015

Traffic Jam

On this morning's episode, DJ Max provides an up-to-date report on the massive traffic jam clogging the Babel skyways, and introduces us to Babel Radio's new station intern. Listeners call in with some opinions and observations about the traffic, and we get an exclusive interview with Babel Radio's Citizen of the Week! Drive safely, listeners. Drive very, very safely. This episode stars Ryan McAndrews as DJ Max and M.I.K.E, Kelly McAndrews as Beetle the Intern, Tom Beurlein as Trask, Shannon MacKenzie as Megan, and Gina Gaetano as Roadkill Rachel. Music tracks "Double O", "Two Finger Johnny", "Dark Fog", "The Complex", "Five Card Shuffle", "Enter the Party", and "Cut and Run" provided by Kevin MacLeod under Creative Commons licensing. Additional SFX provided by FreeSFX.co.uk. Cover art by Allison Minsk. Babel Radio is written and produced by Ryan McAndrews.
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