26 minutes | Jul 29, 2015

The Mutant Agenda

It's a rainy day in Babel, but that won't stop Max and Beetle from updating you on today's mandatory City Laws, and more importantly, current events in the world of pop music! Later in the show, Babel Radio hosts a completely neutral and unbiased debate about the controversy surrounding megacorp Pizza Shack's recent treatment of mutant employees. (Today's episode of Babel Radio is sponsored by Pizza Shack: Get a Slice in Your Life!) This episode stars Ryan McAndrews as DJ Max, Cashier Larry, and "Cashier Larry", Kelly McAndrews as Beetle the Intern and Pizza Shack Spokeslady, Tom Beurlein as Pizza Delivery Guy and John Marconi, Jenna MacKenzie as "Tremaine", Matt Rolfe as Ned Lerne, and David Rhodenbaugh as Fred Lerne. Music tracks "In Your Arms", "Harmful or Fatal", "The Complex", "Son of a Rocket", "Pure Attitude", and "Cut and Run" provided by Kevin MacLeod under Creative Commons Licensing. Additional sound effects provided by FreeSFX.co.uk. Cover art by Allison Minsk. Babel Radio is written and produced by Ryan McAndrews.
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