29 minutes | Feb 15, 2016


It's a smooth, easy morning on Babel Radio as Max and Beetle respond to some viewer letters, update Babel on new banking laws, and cover the ongoing Ultra Bowl playoffs. But all is not well in the booth, as Beetle takes advantage of Max's gastrointestinal issues to drop some shocking truths that NO one could have seen coming. Her live confession attracts the attention of an unexpected guest, who.... Oh. Oh no. This episode stars Ryan McAndrews as DJ Max, MIKE and Rawdog Brawnhammer, Kelly McAndrews as Beetle the Intern and Lonely in Zeta, Tom Beuerlein as Hungry in Central, David Rhodenbaugh as Clueless in Sigma, Matt Rolfe as Lovestruck in Sigma, and Austin Piech as Pete Bosco. Additional music provided by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com), and additional SFX provided by www.freesfx.uk. Cover art by Allison Minsk. Babel Radio is written and produced by Ryan McAndrews.
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