34 minutes | Jun 12, 2016


Welcome back to a very ~sexual~ episode of Babel Radio! "Sexual" as in it addresses the battle of the sexes, obviously, and not whatever perverted thing you were thinking. Don't bother denying it, the police have already been called. Anyway, this episode sees DJ Max covering politics, the entertainment industry, and most importantly, HOT YOGA TIPS! We also dig in to the ongoing debate about sexism in Babel, and Max tries to discredit feminism to actual feminists. Spoilers: it doesn't go great for him! This episode stars Ryan McAndrews as DJ Max and Ditch, Kelly McAndrews as Intern Beetle and Bethany The Real Human Woman, Kalin Jordan as Sophie Bennett, Jocelin Weiss as Warlord Maneater, and David Rhodenbaugh as QuickZap Spokesman Phil Osney. Additional music supplied by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com/) and additional sound effects provided by FreeSFX.org under Creative Commons. Cover art by Allison Minsk. Babel Radio is written and produced by Ryan McAndrews.
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