24 minutes | Jul 19, 2015

Back on the Air

After a lengthy and quite mADdeNiNG hiatus, Babel Radio triumphantly returns to the airwaves! In his first episode back after nearly being murdered by cannibal bikers, DJ Max brings us up to speed on Babel news, discusses the looming menace of graffiti art, and walks us through today's mandatory City Laws. Also: a friendly interview with the aforementioned cannibal bikers! It's just another exciting morning here in Babel, the Greatest City in the (Known) World! This episode stars Ryan McAndrews as DJ Max, M.I.K.E. and Maul, Austin Piech as Warlord Ripskull, Tom Beurlein as Fang, and Lauren Woodrick as Slash. Music tracks "Killing Time", "Wallpaper", and "Cut and Run" provided by Kevin MacLeod under Creative Commons licensing. Additional sound effects provided by FreeSFX.co.uk. Cover art by Allison Minsk. Babel Radio is written and produced by Ryan McAndrews.
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