24 minutes | Jun 4th 2020

Ep 6 | The Uneven Demand Problem in Medical & Life Sciences Distribution

While it’s true that hospitals and laboratories have seen unprecedented demand spikes for certain products throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for some major revenue-driving inventory has completely disappeared. Zilliant Vice President of Customer Success and Support Rick Chappel and Mick Naughton, a sales director with over 13 years of experience in the medical and life sciences space, talk through this peculiar scenario and the commercial repercussions happening as a result. They also address supply chain disruption leading to cost increases and the exceedingly important role of eCommerce in the era of social distancing. Listen to this lively chat to learn concrete strategies distributors in this industry can adopt to mitigate the pain of uneven demand and retain margins without committing the sin of price gouging. www.zilliant.com   Find the whitepaper mentioned in this episode here.
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