30 minutes | May 21st 2020

Ep 5 | Protecting Margins in Volatile Times

In this episode, Lydia DiLiello of Capital Pricing Consultants joins host Lindsay Duran to untangle the curious times B2B companies currently face. How can you protect margins in the age of COVID-19? How do you avoid price wars and a race to the bottom? How do you react to a situation for which there is no roadmap? Lydia and Lindsay share advice for customers struggling with wild swings in costs and demand cycles (SPOILER ALERT: Don’t arbitrarily discount!), and why any financial change must be accompanied by a shift in your value proposition. Then they explore the ways in which companies that have invested in process, software and strategy are positioned to come out of the pandemic much stronger than their competition.  www.zilliant.com   Find the whitepaper mentioned in this episode here.
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