23 minutes | Aug 5, 2021

Ep 36 | Why Intelligent Rebate Management is a Game-Changer

Rebates – every B2B company offers them or other off-invoice credits in some form or fashion. This is because they are a great way to incentivize customer behavior and drive loyalty in your brand. But they also tend to create massive headaches for accounting, sales, pricing and product management teams due to a status quo of manual rebate management.   Today, Zilliant Director of Product Management Brian Hirt joins the show to walk through the challenges and opportunities inherent in rebate management for each of these B2B personas. Brian and host Barrett Thompson share observations and points of view from their extensive work with distributors and manufacturers, before introducing a better way to inject science into rebate creation and automation into tracking and managing off-invoice incentives.    Sign up for our August 19 webinar that goes deeper on the topic and includes a demo of Zilliant’s new rebate management capabilities: Streamline Rebate Management across Pricing, Sales and Finance   www.zilliant.com
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