35 minutes | Aug 12th 2020

Ep 12 | B2B Distribution Trends with MDM

Modern Distribution Management (MDM) is the leading information resource for executives in the wholesale distribution business. MDM’s annual reports and periodic surveys provide an unparalleled snapshot into the distribution market, including pricing and sales trends, market share data and deep industry analytics. MDM’s VP Sales, Analytics & E-Business John Gunderson joined Zilliant CMO Lindsay Duran for a candid conversation about the mounting challenges facing distributors in 2020. They discuss the extreme pricing pressure B2B companies are under, the panic selling trend caused by market distress and exacerbated by remote work and much more. Tune in to learn why now more than ever it’s crucial to put pricing guardrails in place to fight panic with data-driven guidance.

To access the MDM Spotlight video mentioned in this episode, click here.



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