56 minutes | Jul 17, 2019

BM S2E8 - Sparkwar II, The Search

The Maximals continue their search for the missing sparks. Sparkwar II The SearchThe Axalon Archives is a podcast about the Beast Era of Transformers hosted by Daoud Faquiryan and James Fletcher. Join us as we rewatch one of the earliest fully CGI-Animated TV Series in history.Part of the music used in this episode is “Phat Planet” by Leftfield and is copyright Leftfield. Phat Planet is used only for the purposes of discussion and no violation of International Copyright Law is intended. You can find the band on the web at leftfieldmusic.com and on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Spotify, and iTunes by searching Leftfield all one word.If you have any questions or want to just talk about Beast Wars you can reach us on: Twitter: @AxalonArchives Email: axalonarchives@gmail.com Check out our website at Axalon.Buzzsprout.com Follow us individually: Daoud @DaoFAQ James: @discord_inc
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