51 minutes | Sep 29, 2017

4: In the Beginning a Big Bang Created the Heavens and the Earth feat Jakada Imani

  Today’s guest is Jakada Imani, a partner at The Management Center in Oakland, California, where he coaches nonprofit organizations all over the country to coach their leaders on best practices and management. Prior to that, he served as the Director of capacity building initiatives at the Center for Popular Democracy, was the director of Ignite Institute at the Pacific School of Religion and Executive Director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, where he launched an effort to reduce the US incarceration rate by 50 percent. He also serves on the Board of Compton Foundation and the OneLife Institute and is a member of Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples. On today’s episode we talk to Jakada about the dynamics between the black church and its community during the civil rights movement, which shifted the zeitgeist away from organized religion and even spirituality, that this affected modern-day issues of violence and disconnection, and how practicing awe and free will can deepen our relationship to our bodies and the divine, essentially bringing us back to a grand, truly unifying spirituality. Key Points From This Episode: The shift away from the spiritual component of activism. Why tradition has less place in younger, more mobile generations. Specific outcomes of institutionalized Christianity. Black history and the criminalization of young people for their inheritance. Is awe a spiritual experience, regardless of religion or not? Recognizing the importance of the transcendent nature; defining “holy ground”. How humans go about filling places with profound meaning. Approaching experiences mindfully, and with a beginners mindset.
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