33 minutes | Aug 28, 2019

Introducing Ran Morrissett As GOLF's New Architecture Editor

The study of golf course architecture is a subjective art form. To understand why some courses command greater respect than others requires extensive knowledge, personal experience, and an astute eye. Ran Morrissett, GOLF’s new Architecture Editor, checks all three criteria and has in-depth knowledge of the world’s finest course designs. His constant fascination with understanding where courses rank coupled with his opinionated but objected feedback are what make him a voice to respect. Here are highlights from our discussion with Ran: 1. (2:18) - The book that ignited his passion for golf course architecture 2. (5:44) - The moment he first started caring about golf course rankings 3. (6:43) - The purpose golf course rankings serve 4. (12:55) - The most recent turning point in golf course design 5. (14:04) - The single quality that makes a great golf course great 6. (18:07) - The elements of design that almost-always ruin a course 7. (20:40) - Fun is back on the menu 8. (22:08) - 3 golf little-known golf destinations Ran loves 9. (25:08) - Is it even necessary for golf courses to have 18 holes?
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