33 minutes | Dec 8th 2019

Rachael Mann

Rachael Mann is the founder of #TeachlikeTED, and organization that provides teachers, students, and leaders with tools for presentation literacy.  Additionally, she is the co-author of the book “Martians in Your Classroom.”  Mann is a highly sought out National Keynote and TEDx Speaker on the future of education who loves to help educators rethink some of their learning spaces.  Mann was a former high school career and technical educator. She is a Google Certified educator with a master's degree in educational leadership.  Furthermore, she's a founding member of the Council on the Future of Education and serves on the National Synergy of Career and Technical Administrators (NCLA) executive board.  Rachael's main goal in life is to encourage students to use their voice and inspire their confidence and help people realize their dreams.  In this episode, Mann discusses the necessary shift that is happening. Later, Nicole and Macie are joined by Macey as they discuss the impact this new way of thinking has on the current classroom.



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