29 minutes | Nov 2nd 2019

Allyson Apsey

Allyson Apsey is the principal at Quincy Elementary School in Zeeland, Michigan.  She's a national speaker including a TEDx talk.  Furthermore, she's the author of three amazing books, The Path to Serendipity, Through the Lens of Serendipity, and The Princes of Serendip.  Apsey has been in education for over 20 years and 15 of those years as a school leader.  Apsey recognizes the impact that trauma has on students, staff, and the community. She is dedicated to creating a foundation for strong, positive relationships that are based on trust.  Apsey loves learning, laughter, and family. In this episode, Apsey talks about her passion for serendipity and how that has guided her life. Later, Macie joins Qurin and Jordan to discuss the importance of gratitude in your life and how to show empathy towards each other.



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