30 minutes | May 20, 2021

466# Can You Treat Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia with Brain Stimulation? Kelly Roman

This episode is about wearable brain stimulation to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia. Kelly Roman is the co-founder of Fisher Wallace Laboratories that focus on wearable brain stimulation. For the past decade, Kelly Roman has helped lead the fields of neuromodulation product development, regulatory affairs, healthcare marketing and clinical trial strategy. Prior to co-founding Fisher Wallace, Kelly graduated from Harvard and served as an award-winning executive in the digital advertising and SaaS industries. He recently served on the boards of two charter high schools in New York City. The #1 Mens Development Podcast for Tales & Tactics To Thrive! Watch Adam's "Awaken Your Alpha" TEDx Talk here: www.bit.ly/TEDxALW This quest takes me across the globe to interview the world's most successful minds and sharing my own insights along the way. As I continue to learn and implement the “Hacks” to life, I share the best through the podcast and in the Facebook group "Awaken Your Alpha - Network" Search & Join us in the pursuit of high performance. The podcast is now also a bestselling book!  www.AYAlpha.com/book   Connect across social media @AwakenYourAlpha @AdamLewisWalker to join the conversation.
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