80 minutes | May 1, 2021

AS 139 Sex on the Fringe

What do you want to know about drug usage in the swinging lifestyle? What about condoms, dental dams and sex fests? Join us as we explore these fun topics. In this interview we talk to Shane and Erin from the Sex on the Fringe blog where they explore sex, consciousness, & substance Use. We touch on condom use, what a ‘sex fest‘ is (aka read orgy) and why Shane is a grammarphile. Podcast Featuring: Shane and Erin from Sex on the Fringe BlogFollow Shane and Erin on Twitter Cameo by Sapphic Swingers Podcast and Wanderlust Swingers Podcast Join these Swinging Lifestyle Events: May Houston – Meet and Greet Bang Bang Social ClubJune Houston – CouplesXcape Xcapades
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