31 minutes | Apr 27, 2021

#018: The Importance of Dreaming Big and Listening - An Inspiring Chat with Landria Seals Green

Landria Seals Green’s mother says, “A child’s education is as good as the adult in front of them.” With that as her mantra, Landria became a medical-based SLP. For 20+ years, she’s focused on AAC technology, and she’s done a lot of AT work. At a Verbal Behavior workshop, she saw Dr. Vince Carbone present what she describes as speech therapy on steroids. She felt confident about her work as an SLP, but in order to become the best kind of therapist and to improve her marketability, she knew that she needed the BCBA certification.

What really drew Landria to the dual certifications was the method of collecting data. Becoming a BCBA made her more finite in her methodology and gave her more tools to help her students.  And as a therapist who is looking for any tool that will help her understand the child and see where they’re at, Landria has loved the possibilities that have opened up for her students.

Are we working with families to make sure that all of the funds and services they receive actually benefit the child? Landria sees the therapist’s role as a bridge to the child’s future. She listens to the family’s dreams for the child because she has what you might call a “greeter” theory. Is everything that you’re working on with the child only going to land them a job as a greeter at the store? And is that what the family wants for that child?

I think you’ll love this big picture approach to therapy that sees the child as a whole person rather than the small parts you might see in your weekly sessions. For more inspirational and fun-filled ideas about SLP and BCBA strategies, follow Landria on her social media channels as SLP Guru.

What's Inside:

  • Why Landria prefers to find features on an AAC that fits a student rather than trying to make an AAC work on the student.
  • By focusing on the “rhythm of communication”, Landria teaches students how to respond appropriately to peers, teachers, and casual strangers.
  • Helping students find authentic social connections is a challenge that Landria takes on with a unique out-of-the-box approach.
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